About Us

Good Heart Studios was formed in 2016 by the collabrative efforts of David Hall and Nik Box. With the help of Abigail Barr, Peter Murfet and Kurt Walsh the first of the "Chickens" stories was realised in animated form. We have entered this into a number of animated and short film festivals and will keep you posted with our successes.


What we've been up to

Please see our youtube video showing our first animation based on the children's book "The Chickens and the Hurricane".

Five more "Chicken" stories have been written by David Hall featuring various disasters that the Chickens Chi, Ken and Hic must overcome.


The Future

We've already started storyboarding the next episode "The Chickens and the Alien Invasion" and hope to have it completed within the next two months.


Like Us or Contact Us

Please feel free to send us an email with your support and encouragement: goodheartstudios@gmail.com