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About Us

Good Heart Studios was formed in 2016 by the collaborative efforts of David Hall and Nick Box. With the help of Abigail Barr, Peter Murfet and Kurt Walsh "The Chickens and the Hurricane" story was realised in animated form.


What we've been up to

The new episode "The Chickens and the Great War" has been uploaded to Amazon and should be available any day now.

"The Chickens and the Hurricane", "The Chickens and the Alien Invasion" and "The Chickens and the Great War" are available as ebooks on Amazon, please support our work as much as you can!


The Future

We've already started storyboarding the next episode "The Chickens and the Plague" and hope to have it completed within the next month. The last two stories of this series "The Chickens and the Plague" and "The Chickens and the Drought" have been written and are coming soon to Amazon Kindle.


Like Us or Contact Us

Please feel free to send us an email with your support and encouragement: